Because to clean the face and the body, as it is to clean a room, a car, or a whiteboard is to restart an entity’s metaphysical essence – and by ushering in the promise of change or the actual, physical benefit of change, one can start to live again, or perhaps have the chance to finally live a truer, cleaner life.

The Nature of Structure: On Jacques Derrida’s ‘Structure, Sign, and Play’

What can be said of something which may exist exterior to a structure? What occurs within a structure? And, how is change accounted for?

Matters of Taste: Cultural Value and Class

In this essay, I will particularly focus on the manner in which food and drink transcend their physical forms representing nourishment and necessity, and become meaningful symbolic entities which represent cultural values that both challenge and reproduce class divisions. Firstly, it will be established that food and drink maintain cultural value through constructed symbolism. I will then assess the arguments for and against the position that the cultural value of food and drink has an inextricable relationship with class.

Champagne as Luxury

I came to the realisation that Champagne is one of the most affordable everyday luxuries in wine consumption. But beyond the idea that Champagne is an exercise in celebration of some meritorious action, I think it’s not a matter of whether or not a person will purchase Champagne. Rather, it is a question of what brand of Champagne will be purchased. Champagne houses, through marketing, force a deeper connection with the consumer.

Consider the Homeless Man

Consider the homeless man. You may have considered the homeless as a collective noun, as a set of displaced peoples scattered throughout your town. But I want to consider the homeless individually and separate from each other, not in order to uncover their rich individual histories and circumstances, but to shift perspective on the topic. Because for the homeless man, charity represents much more - for he becomes the temporary target of good fortune and the subject of a morally beautiful and sublime action.