Musings From a Philosophy and Sociology Graduate

The world is filled with appearances.

There is an underlying reality to outward appearances, something unexpected and hiding in plain sight. This reality is loaded with symbols and meanings, and on this blog I wish to tap into this. We all have the capacity to look at things, but it requires a degree of effort to look through things.

Pleasure requires two necessary elements for it to be truly enjoyable. Firstly, it needs proper judgment. Proper judgment stems from analysis and scrutiny, which involves looking into and through the appearance of things. Only then can you judge its essence. Secondly, proper judgment necessarily entails appreciation, which is to specifically judge the value of something in itself and for its own sake.

I am well-equipped to perform this task for various reasons. I have lived, for as long as I can remember, a life dedicated to sensorial pleasures and to writing analytically and creatively. I suspect a well-tuned palate and unfettered curiosity are to thank, first and foremost. This devotion has lead me through a largely positive progression – from writing hastily in notepads and serviettes about the aroma of a wine or the taste of a meal, to formalised fragrance analysis and criticism on my blog Olfactics in 2014. This blog’s intentions quickly shifted in response to my tertiary education majoring in both Philosophy and Sociology. My various foci in cultural sociology, aesthetic philosophy, critical analysis, semiotics, and objectivity & value tied with a concurrent Graduate Diploma in Wine Studies has rendered me well equipped to look through things with a learned intensity, always delineated from first principles. Olfactics now suitably discusses fragrance-cum-art. These skills have also granted me the opportunity to run workshops and lectures which merge olfaction with philosophy, curate a balanced range of perfumes for a series of boutiques in Australia, and contribute to publications nationally and globally as a fragrance expert.

But fragrant discussions are to be richly found on my other blog. This blog is devoted to perhaps what can be seen as a more abstract pursuit towards symbols and their meanings, sprinkled heavily in and around everyday life. What can be expected is my trademark careful analysis, but with unwavering desire to question even the smallest of gestures. What are the common mythologies of our day, and why are they so?

This is thoroughly and forthrightly an academic blog, casual only by my stubborn desire to keep the prose the way I want it: clarity is key, but some premises may be riddled with presupposition and subjective assumptions. I will nevertheless attempt to champion and sustain these points, for anything is tenable. I am in no way a radical thinker, although perhaps I am mildly left-wing and reductive/eliminative at times. I have illuminative intentions for all of my readers, of, at the very least, my sound and considered worldview.

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